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I have written everything. I've got fan fiction, purely original fiction, combinations of the two, romance, adventure, sci-fi, gore--you name it, I have it. I also have crappy drawings, if you're interested. XD Welcome to the gallery of a true Leuchovius.


These are my favourites. I liked them, and so will you.


Sombralicious by RyuokoWolf

I appreciate the idea that you're giving off, man. It's kind of confident, and strong, especially when the character says, "Ain't no ot...


So I'm not exactly sure when I'm next going to write something "artistic." School is coming back soon, and I'll probably be flooded with work. And I'm a procrastinator as it is, usually, so who knows if I'll get even that much done.
However, that doesn't mean that I'm going to be completely empty of all things. I'll do the best I can to post the pretty, simple things in life. Capture the moment of these beautiful events and make them seem cooler than they already are. So in other words... pretty flowers. Or other things. :D I'll do what I can, m8.

But enough about me and my life. I hope that all you guys are doing rad. Take on whatever challenges you have in life and destroy them one by one. Just remember, you might want to quit when things fail. But you can't just fail when things quit.
Summer Flowers by GoWeegie
Summer Flowers
I took this photo when I was nearing my house again going on a walk. I stopped and saw this beautiful view, and thought to myself that it would be a wasted opportunity if I just let these flowers go without attention. Ta-daaaaaa~ Tell me what you think!
Flowers For Andrea by GoWeegie
Flowers For Andrea
I took this photo myself ages ago while I was at the cabin. They reminded me of someone I met years ago... so... I decided to just capture the moment. I hope that you guys like this~
Vita's New Sense of Fashion by GoWeegie
Vita's New Sense of Fashion
So funny story of how this actually became possible. As you know, Vita has an interest in fashion, yes. Hence how Vita and the Golden Boots became a thing! He likes trying on new clothes, since he just likes the idea of style.

Then I was talking about his green arm. "Vita's such a weird guy. His body's blank, and his arm is green and stuff. But none of the characters have any green clothes on them." Then it turns out that somebody misheard me when I said that Vita had a green arm, and thought I said that he had a green dress. And I told them, "Don't be silly. He doesn't wear green dresses. If he did, then it would be blue..."

And then I had an idea.

A wonderful idea.

An awful, wonderful idea.

"Vita, how would you like to try on a new set of clothes?"

Vita: Fashion!!!

Pikachu lay in a forest with his two little brothers, both of which were Pichus. The two younger children were wrestling around with each other, playfully, while Pikachu grabbed an oran berry from their pile and watched. Along with him, stood Hitmonchan, who watched the battle of the two Pichus and acted as the referee.

Though, the Hitmonchan was also the guardian of these three siblings. They had to move out and migrate to another nest, since the home they previously had was actually short on their food supply. There wasn't enough to share among five people: Papa Raichu, Mama Wigglytuff, Pikachu and the two little Pichu brothers. So they were forced to send them away. Thankfully, their neighbor, Hitmonchan, promised that he would take care of them, and act as their parental guardian while their real parents tried to survive on their own.

Pikachu's plan was to get the food--of which they had mountains--and deliver it to their parents, who obviously needed them more. But only when the two Pichu brothers were ready to go back to their family. Right now, they were still making quite the commotion, in their wrestling match.

Hitmonchan watched with amusement as one of the Pichu brothers bit the others' ear, nibbling on it with a gentle aggression. The brother which was bit growled, falling tumbling on the ground, while the biter tumbled with him. They scratched at each other frantically, missing every time.

Pikachu grinned as they fought. It was almost adorable to see them 'getting along.'

Suddenly, loud, cacophonous footsteps rumbled the ground from a distance. A deep, booming voice of a menacing Pokémon merged with them. "Haah... Ree... Ahh... Ma..."

Hitmonchan flinched, before quickly forcing the two Pichu brothers apart from each other, getting in front of them, protectively. One was simply frozen in fear behind him, while the other quickly ran behind his older brother, Pikachu.

A massive, bulking Hariyama appeared from the depths of the trees. It glared at Hitmonchan, as though they had met before. Pikachu stared in fearful bewilderment. Where did this muscly Pokémon come from, how did it know to come here? Were he and Hitmonchan... rivals? Why hadn't Hitmonchan told their family about this in the past? Unless... unless the brave warrior didn't want them to get involved... He was trying to protect them, as always, even before he was a bodyguard.

Hariyama breathed heavily, gazing down at the much smaller, in comparison, Hitmonchan. Hariyama's eyes hungrily, slowly turned to the pile of oran berries behind Pichu and Pikachu. As though Hitmonchan were simply an insignificant pebble--not worth his attention--he began to walk towards the pile of berries.

Hitmonchan, not willing to let Pikachu's parents starve to death, defended the berries, as well as the brothers who stood fearfully in front of them. The Pichu behind Hitmonchan looked up at Hariyama, quaking in fear, his small, frail body seeming to blow in the wind as a breeze brushed dust off of the ground.

Hariyama understood the challenge, and took it. Nothing would stop him from eating. He hadn't had a meal this great in a long time, and with a body as large as his, he needed all the food he could get.

Hitmonchan ran towards Hariyama, and stabbed his fists at the other's massive form, Close Combat obviously being in use. Hariyama, with his large, meaty hands, skillfully blocked each attack. "Ha-ha-ha-ha--" giving a powerful counterattack, he used Focus Punch, thrusting his mighty hand towards the crafty ally. "RE AH MAH!"

Hitmonchan managed to dodge the attack as he twisted out of the way, however, the unsuspecting Pichu behind him was stricken by the full force of Hariyama's attack. The young child was sent hurling through the air, before his body tumbled like a stone on water, skipping on the earth before rolling to a stop. His ears rested like drooping flowers, and his body lay still, motionless.

The other Pichu brother cried out in despair as his brother's defeated form lay in front of him. He desperately tried to run over to help the battered mouse-Pokemon, but Pikachu held him back, fearful that getting any closer to Hariyama would give him incentive to attack.

Hitmonchan, outraged by the damage inflicted to the small, innocent boy, screamed out in blind fury. "Mon... CHAAAAAAN!" He ran towards Hariyama again, using Bulk as he did so, his own muscles intensifying. He, with the force of a mighty, courageous hero, cut his fist through the air, punching at the atrocious giant.

Hariyama, unexpectant of the sudden empowerment, took the full force of the blow. He grunted in pain as he felt Hitmonchan's fist dig into his gut, but the juggernaut simply growled, angered by the pain. Hariyama grabbed Hitmonchan's arm, before he used Sismac Toss to launch his rival in the opposite direction. "YaaaaMA!" When he was launched, the burly foe jumped after him.

Hitmonchan's back crashed into a nearby mountain, stabbing shards of earth into his back. He gasped out in pain, agonized. To make matters worse, Hariyama met his front half with a powerful Focus Punch once again, connecting with his full chest. Dust and dirt exploded all around when the punch landed. For years, Hitmonchan had managed to avoid being beaten by his rival with stealth, never combatting him directly. But since he acted irrationally while under the influence of rage, he had met his demise.

Pikachu cried out in despair at the loss of the only chance he had against this monstrous Pokemon. "Pikapiiiiii!"

From the dust cloud, Hariyama emerged. The monster slowly marched towards Pikachu, as he was the only thing stopping him from getting the berries that he craved so dearly. His feet banged on the ground just as they did when they first heard his presence, and he marched slowly, closer to them. "Ha... Ree... Ah... Ma..."

Pichu fearfully hid behind his older brother, and Pikachu held Pichu protectively, though wasn't any less afraid at the same time. They both trembled, anticipating the death that awaited the both of them.

Pikachu, acting sheerly on fear, did the only thing that he knew would preserve his life, as well as the life of his brother: he ran. On all-four's, Pikachu sprinted away from Hariyama, Pichu falling directly behind him, leaving the other two who had been stricken down with an incredibly heavy heart. The last remaining Pichu brother cried desperately, running directly behind Pikachu.

They bolted into the forest, Pikachu quickly dodging around all trees and obstacles in his path. Pichu struggled to keep up with his brother, nearly losing him several times, but managing to keep in touch. They both heard Hariyama's screams from behind them. Though it was true that his main priority was food, there was something else that had motivated him to finish the job. His burly footsteps could be heard, slamming into the earth below, as though Satan himself were following after them.

Pikachu jumped over a small vine, panting as he darted through the forest. But directly after he did so, he heard his younger brother scream. "Pichu!"

Pikachu turned around to see that the little one had been caught on the vine. "Pika!" Tears welled in Pikachu's eyes, his heart pounding as he began to run to his rescue. "Pika-pi!"

But he was put to an immediate halt when he saw the titan of a Pokemon burst from the vegetation behind them. He loomed above Pichu, who wriggled desperately in the vine, trying to get out with all his might. "Pichu!" The little brother, terrified, looked into the eyes of his older brother, the only one who could save him. "Piiichuuu!" Out of fear, the poor, trapped Pichu began to cry.

This induced Pikachu's own tears to pour down even harder. What made it even worse was the fact that Pikachu knew that there was nothing he could do to save his little brother. After looking him in the eye, Pikachu told his brother one last thing through a silent gaze: "I'm so sorry..."

With no time to save his brother, Pikachu ran away once again, as fast as he could, weeping. He heard his little brother cry out behind him. "Pichu! Pichuuuuu-!" it was cut off by a powerful blast, an explosive thud as another Focus Punch connected.


Pikachu only wept harder as he fled, his vision blurred by the tears. He forced himself to accurately dodge through plants, tree-trunks, dart under roots of trees which had gone above the ground, and rapidly sprint through the forest.

Hariyama had no need for such coordination. When he met with an obstacle, he simply slammed gargantuan, gloved palm against it, shoving it aside, whether it was a tree or other sort of plant. The juggernaut chased after the small, yellow creature, as he was his last target.

Pikachu was darting about so quickly, however, that the large antagonist found it difficult to keep his eyes on him, especially when he was creating extra chaos by knocking things over. Hariyama growled, angrily grabbing a tree and using Seismic Toss to throw it directly at Pikachu, hoping that it would smash that small, last remaining brother.

Pikachu, shifty as ever, dodged the tree trunk, and with that, used it to cover his whereabouts, out of the vision of the mighty Hariyama. The beast of a Pokemon shouted once again as Pikachu finally escaped from the forest. In the distance, the yellow hero saw a cave--the perfect hiding place. Pikachu zoomed inside of it, without hesitation, and pressed his back against the wall, panting, terrified. He closed his eyes shut tight, hoping that Hariyama wouldn't find him in the dark.

Hariyama broke through the tree-trunk that he had thrown into place, bursting out of the forest just behind Pikachu. "HARIYAMAAAA!"

Suddenly, he noticed: Pikachu had... vanished. "...Ah...?" Hariyama looked around the area, unable to locate the little creature. "Ama...?"

Pikachu, eyes still closed shut, flinched as he heard the massive footsteps of Hariyama get closer, and closer to the cave. How had Hariyama found out where he was hiding? Pikachu tried to hold back his whimpers out terror, as he heard Hariyama just in front of the cave-entrance.

"Ya? Ha?" Hariyama looked directly into the cave, not spotting Pikachu. "Ama..." He slowly began to turn away, bulldozing in the opposite direction: into the forest, from whence they came. "Har... i... ya... ma..." The meaty Pokemon had his own mission to fulfill: get the berries. He wasn't going to sit here and waste time trying to find one puny little Pikachu, who wouldn't dare fight against him.

Pikachu felt a wave of relief swell over him. At last, he was safe... An image of his brother, beaten, bloodied and hung by the vine he was tangled in by a tree, flashed into his mind. He was safe. But at what cost? He thought of the other Pichu, who had been mercilessly stricken by Hariyama in Hitmonchan's place.

Pikachu looked down, gritting his teeth as tears dripped down, staining the stone surface beneath. "Pika..."

He let out a long-lasting, soft, defeated wail as he mourned the loss of his two brothers. How were Papa Raichu and Mama Wigglytuff going to react, when they found out that two of their three sons had...?

Hariyama and Pikachu
Yes, I have been on a roll with coming up with new ideas recently. This whole deviation all started out as a Skype message, and I just figured that it was so damn great that I might as well just make it into a deviation. :D It's really freaking radical. I came up with this idea while coming home from a walk. I was listening to a Pokemon song that was introduced to me by :iconleopardsixteen: , who is a young lady I have nicknamed Quavier, because I just think that that name sounds cool and suits her epic personality. If there's anyone to thank for the fact that this deviation exists, it's her. Show her some love by checking out her gallery for me. I'm sure she'd appreciate that.

If you're interested in the song I was inspired by, here's a link to it:…
So I'm not exactly sure when I'm next going to write something "artistic." School is coming back soon, and I'll probably be flooded with work. And I'm a procrastinator as it is, usually, so who knows if I'll get even that much done.
However, that doesn't mean that I'm going to be completely empty of all things. I'll do the best I can to post the pretty, simple things in life. Capture the moment of these beautiful events and make them seem cooler than they already are. So in other words... pretty flowers. Or other things. :D I'll do what I can, m8.

But enough about me and my life. I hope that all you guys are doing rad. Take on whatever challenges you have in life and destroy them one by one. Just remember, you might want to quit when things fail. But you can't just fail when things quit.


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Ely Leslie
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You see, I'm a very kind person in general. You hate me, I forgive ya. You want to be my friend, you're welcome! You can be my friend if you want. Feeling a wee bit lonely? Heck, I'm here for you. Feel like nobody cares about you? I'm here for you! Feel like you're alone in the world? You guessed it. I'm here for ya. Oh, and, while I'm speaking about myself, I should probably tell you that I belong in the Christian religion. However, I'm a non-judgemental Christian, which is (sadly) a rarity. You come to me, you're accepted, no matter who/what you are. Do you belong in the gay sexuality? I'm here for ya, man. Are you lesbian? I'm here for ya, too! Bisexual? Same! I'm here for any and everybody that's around here in this civilization. So long as you're willing to be a friendly neighbor to me, I'm gonna be there for you to the best of my abilities, heheh.

That's enough about you all! Now it's-a time to tell you something about myself. As you can tell, I'm a rather nice person in general (and arrogant). I have to take my medication in order to write anything legitimate, though. Since you can clearly see that I need my medication to write things, my time in which I devote myself to my literature is relatively short. Therefore... I don't get much done in one sitting, unless I take a thirty milligram dosage--one of the big guys. I don't feel very comfortable in taking such a strong amount of my medication on a daily basis simply for the sake of being able to complete a hobby of mine, but if the times in which I do these sorts of things are quite rare, then there should be little to no problem with that. You see, my medication happens to be a stimulant, but my body reacts differently to most stimulants that you'll find. When I'm introduced to stimulants, I begin to calm down drastically. Then my brain begins to act on a "superhuman" level, releasing my full potential. However, this is merely for a short period of time; I have a lot to do with little time to do it. Since this is the case, if I'm trying to write something really long, it takes me more than one sitting to do it, which, therefore, would mean that it would take more than one days' amount of time. However, if I just want it to be done, or if it's not that important, I'll just slam something together, heheh. Oh, and, about my romantic life, I should probably tell you that, currently, I'm taken by a wonderful lady. I'm not going to brag of how much I love her, or anything like that, rather I'll simply let you have the awareness of the fact that I'm romantically taken, therefore you cannot honestly flirt with me. If you try, I will protest strongly. In all honesty, you wouldn't want to be in a relationship with me anyways. Don't get me wrong, I'm a nice person, it's just... well, there's only a select few who can actually manage to tolerate my madness. There's no putting it gently. I'm a batshit crazy basket case. Under this calm and polite personality is a... a goofball, really. Either way though, whether I'm an intellectual gentleman or a "silly little nugget," I can assure you that I'm a friendly guy to hang around. I might be a little strange every now and then, but all of my strangeness is going to be displayed in an innocent and friendly manner, just as I am an innocent and friendly person. Hope you have a nice time talking with me(*cough cough* I also hope you think twice about flirting with me, if it's something you're thinking about. I know that I'm handsome and all, but please, keep your hands to yourself)!

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